S4J, which is part of Sudan Support Network (SSNet), is a fundraiser to help the people of Sudan and South Sudan. Our key rallying point is through our annual participation in the Comrades Marathon, which is one of the premier ultra-marathons in the world.

God has inspired us to support the people of Sudan through access to CLEAN WATER (boreholes and water pump systems) and the people of South Sudan with LIVING WATER (Bibles and Bible content on SD Cards).
To find out more about these countries and their current state, click here.

We attend various marathons, serving athletes either through water-points, photoshoots or support points in our unmissable bright orange S4J (Sudan 4 Jesus) gear. Through this we gain recognition and sponsorships. The S4J team has many athletes who run marathons wearing the S4J badge and fundraise to support S4J projects in Sudan and South Sudan.

The Team


Although the S4J started with a tea of two athletes in 2010, last year 116 athletes from more than 40 running clubs took part in the Comrades Marathon as part of the S4J.

An athlete must be part of a running club to run the Comrades Marathon. All the rules of the Comrades Marathon Association apply to S4J athletes.


A buddy is a person who support the athlete through encouragement, prayer and help with fundraising.


S4J supporters could help in numerous ways:

  1. They could help at an S4J waterpoint.
  2. They could help the S4J Office Team with administration or practical tasks.
  3. They could help by fundraising on behalf of an athlete or the organization.

Fundraising advocates

It is possible are NOT running the Comrades Marathon, but still wishes to fundraise on behalf of the S4J or SSNet. 

Facilitation team

The S4J Facilitation Team is a group of volunteers working with the S4J Office Team to help facilitate what happens in the S4J.

S4J Office team


Defend the rights of the poor and the orphans; be fair to the needy and the helpless. Rescue them from the power of the wicked. – Psalm 82:3-4