S4J - Sudan for Jesus

Athletes join the S4J by making a choice between ONE of the four groups of the S4J projects. Once they’ve communicated that CHOICE to the S4J office team, we will help you by creating a profile for you on BackaBuddy. We then make that profile known through Facebook. It then becomes far easier to communicate your involvement with a specific cause at S4J.

Every year since 2010 the S4J support team was present at the Comrades with their support points to encourage the athletes.

Water for the Sudans

SSNET has partnered with International Aid Services (IAS) to provide clean water to the people of the Sudans. SSNET funds specific water projects within the borders of the Sudans.

On a visit to the village of Nimule in September 2018 where SSNET funded

the drilling of a borehole, the wife of the village chief remarked: “We used to carry water from the town to our village on our heads in buckets

Bibles for the Sudans

In 2011, Sudan’s former president, Omar al-Bashir, said he wanted to adopt a “100 percent” Islamic constitution after the Christian-majority south had voted to secede. Since then, foreign missionaries have been expelled, churches confiscated or demolished, and leaders harassed and arrested.

SSNET, through partnering with various organisations, enables the printing

of and distribution of Bibles for Sudan and South Sudan. Through one such partnership with Bibles for Africa, SSNET is able to sponsor the printing and delivery of a New Testament Bible for only R5.

A R5 donation will ensure a Bible for a Sudanese Christian.

The Beja People

The focus of SSNET among the Beja people is to bring hope and relief in practical ways. We do this through the people who live and work among the Beja. This help is given in various forms like addressing critical medical and educational needs.

The Beja is a group of traditionally nomadic shepherds who live

scattered across the desert regions of Sudan, Egypt, and Eritrea. The Beja are an important people group and represent the largest non-Arabic ethnic group between the Nile River and the Red Sea. 

The Sudans Children's Fund

Nuba is a collective term used for the various indigenous peoples who inhabit the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan state in Sudan.

 The Nuba people reside in the foothills of the Nuba Mountains. The Nuba people are primarily farmers, as well as herders who keep cattle, chickens, and other domestic animals.