Water for The Sudans

More than half the population of Sudan does not have access to clean water.

In many villages young children are walking kilometres each day to fetch water in jerry cans. Many have only one meal a day, because the rest of the day is taken up by fetching water..


SSNET partners with International Aid Services (IAS) to provide clean water to the people of the Sudans. SSNET funds specific water projects within the borders of the Sudans.

Today, thousands of Sudanese have cleaner, more reliable supply of water because of this work

On a visit to the village of Nimule in September 2018 where SSNET funded

the drilling of a borehole, the wife of the village chief remarked: “We used to carry water from the town to our village on our heads in buckets.


Because of this labour our hair at the top our heads stopped growing. Now that we have this borehole we do not have to carry on our heads anymore so the hair will grow back. Thank you for allowing us to be beautiful again.”



One borehole with a manual hand pump costs $11 000 (R160 000)

One borehole with a solar powered pump costs $17 000 (R250 000)