Children of The Sudan

Nuba people are primarily farmers, as well as herders

Nuba is a collective term used for the various indigenous peoples who inhabit the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan state in Sudan. The Nuba people reside in the foothills of the Nuba Mountains. The Nuba people are primarily farmers, as well as herders who keep cattle, chickens, and other domestic animals..

One of the prime focus points for SSNET is education for the children of the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

The conditions at one school are for example 900 children, 11 teachers, open air classrooms.

SSNET partners with an organization called Open Doors who have an established network of field workers in the area.

We also have a Children’s Project in South Sudan where our friend Daniel Burito Barbanti cares for and uplifts the children in his care.

 The children in the Nuba Mountains have great need for amenities like classrooms and schooling equipment. Your monthly gift will ensure continuous support and growth of the Children’s Fund, thus ensuring quality education for the Nuba children.


Your monthly gift will ensure continuous support and growth of the Children’s Fund