Facts about Sudan

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10 Facts about Sudan

  1. The estimated population ofthe Sudan is 41,160,965.
  2. The nominal GDP of the Sudan is $115,874 billion, and the nominal per capita GDP is $2,841.
  3. The government in the Sudan is a dominant-party federal semi-presidential republic.
  4. The official languages in the Sudan are Arabic and English.
  5. The total area of the Sudan is 728,215 square miles (1,886,068 square kilometers).
  6. The currency of the Sudan is the Sudanese pound.
  7. People drive on the right side of the road in the Sudan.
  8. The Sudan has a 530-mile (853 km) coastline bordering the Red Sea.
  9. The countries bordering the Sudan by land, are Libya, South Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, and the Central African Republic.
  10. 97% of the Sudan’s population are followers of Islam, and most of them follow the Sunni form of Islam.