How do we become part of this initiative?

You could become part: 1. As an athlete running the 2017 Comrades Marathon. 2. Supporting such an athlete. 3. Be a S4J fundraising advocate. None of that is difficult to do. The S4J team van help you with any of that. Just say what stirs your heart. In the post below I'll share WHAT purpose we fundraise for.

The S4J has a FOCUS on: Two countries (Sudan and South Sudan). In each of those we have a STRATEGIC partner with whom we work. They provide FULL management and implementation of the projects we support. For each country, we have ONE project. For each project, we have ONE champion. We build a team around those champions. Our project focus in Sudan is CLEAN water (we help a community with a solar drive pump system. In South Sudan, we focus on LIVING water by supporting a Bible project.