Helping the Sudans through the S4J

The S4J [Sudan for Jesus run] was birthed from the father heart of God as a means to help the people of the Sudan and South Sudan. This we do (mostly) through athletes who run the Comrades Marathon raising funds for various projects.

The Comrades Marathon is one of the premier ultra marathons in the world. It is set for 10 June this year. An expected 750,000 spectators would be at the event, while millions watch the live broadcast on TV. The almost 89 km (55 mile) race attract athletes from many countries all over the world.

The S4J helps the people of Sudan through a couple of key projects:

Bibles for South Sudan

The vision for this year: 100,000 Bibles printed in South Africa, delivered at various places among South Sudanese via a two month long road. 80,000 of these Bibles are in South Sudan dialects, while 20,000 of these Bibles are in Amharic, for Ethiopians. The Bibles are printed through a partner ministry called Bibles for Africa.

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Water for Sudan

This is all about helping the people of Sudan with access to clean water. The key focus of the project is to help by supplying boreholes through a partner company in Sudan.

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S4J Children’s Fund

One of our co-workers came back from a trip to the Nuba Mountains early this year, sharing with us the desperate needs among children in the area. At one of the church schools he visited in the area, 900 children are taught by 11 teachers! There is a DESPERATE need to help them with basic educational materials.

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Trauma counselling at Sudanese Refugee Camps

To be quite honest, fundraising for this project through the S4J has just been introduced. The fundraiser does not nearly represent fully the vast need for trauma counseling among South Sudanese. One of our partner ministries are in the process of training 13,000 trauma counselors for the various refugee camps. What you see below is merely a drop in the bucket for a very big need. Yet, every bit matters and does make a difference.

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Oppression of the church in Sudan

We received this message from a Sudanese brother yesterday:

“Today Sunday 11 February 2018. The government attacked the Evangelical Church in Hajyousif ( skirt of Khartoum ). After people finished Sunday service, the church members just surprised with government police with more than 3-4 trucks and they took church properties which included the chairs bibles and all instruments and don’t where they took them.

They demolished the church building which was built since 1989. Their is that there no permission from government to have church in that area while the church has all legal documents from ministry but it’s very clear that the government of Sudan persecuted the Christians systemically….. please keep praying for church members to know that they are not alone.”